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Trilobites of Norway
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Trilobite excursions:


The Oslo Region is located in Norway around the capital city of Oslo, covering the area from the south of Brevik fjord to the north of Gjøvik at Mjøsa. It is a classical fossil area with abundant fossils from the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian ages, about 540 to 415 mill. years ago. In addition some minor occurences of Devonian(?) and Permian/Carboniferous sedimentary deposits are preserved, also containing fossils. North of the Oslo area, the same aged rocks are common in the Caledonian thrust, though usually very metamorphic and rarily containing fossils. Southern part of Norway mostly consists of old base rock, gneisses, pegmatites and alike, - no fossils here.

Trilobites In the Oslo area:

We calculate around 2000 different species of trilobites in Norway. some of them new for science. exist protected areas and typo localities in Norway, Such are important to respect. Anyway is plenty of Quarries and roadworks where calcareous rocks are plenty of amazing trilobites.


Today we know in detail maps and locations of most quarries in Errachidia Morocco. With an unique vast register of fossils. I move around in contact with the local people, eating the amazing taste local food and enjoining the fresh air. Some of the places are accessible by car, some u need to was up to 6 km up to the mountains.

Layer after layer Jbel Isomour raises up like an enormous castle made of marine sediments, from Ordovician to Devonian. Not accessible by car we ned to walk 7 km to the quarries. There dedicated people work in productive layers to find amazing trilobites like the biggest Phacopid trilobite Drotops.


Morocco/ Errachidia 2018


slemmestad 2018